Pete’s original artists website is here much of the content currently being transferred to this site but please please feel free to visit.

You also may also be interested in checking out a random selection of creative ramblings on my Constructions (and sundry Bits & Pieces), ILLUSTRATION & DESIGN, Pen, Pencil & Paint, an original page from my first website and SKETCHES & COMMISSIONS pages too!

About Pete: A multiple discipline artist, hand drawn artwork, digital manipulation and constructions/assemblages. His work has not only taken him across the length and breadth of the UK, but across mainland Europe, Ireland and South America (only Ecuador not all of it). A very successful festival artist Pete has created giant willow structures, puppets and Lanterns of all descriptions across the north East and beyond. Pete has designed, written and performed sold out shadow puppet shows of A Midsummer Night’s Dream & Romeo and Juliet, he has created murals and banners and other processional constructions for various Festivals across the country and has facilitated numerous workshops across a broad spectrum of the arts, and much much more.
Pete has completed and published his successful ‘War of the Worlds: The Martian Ephemeris’ Graphic Novel and is finalising another comic book based on the stories of the Bible’s ‘Genesis’ in which mankind is created by an Owl God (not for the religiously fragile) and designs promotional materials for himself and other creatives including business cards, displays, banners, badges, T-Shirt, album designs, CD covers etc.
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