The Martian Ephemeris

‘War of the Worlds: The Martian Ephemeris

War of the Worlds: The Martian Ephemeris

A Graphic Novella in two chapters.




Building on H.G. Wells’ classic alien invasion novel The War of the Worlds, The Martian Ephemeris is a lavishly illustrated graphic novella by Northumberland-based creative Pete Shaw.

A strictly limited edition of 200 copies Worldwide, each numbered and signed by the artist. ‘War of the Worlds: The Martian Ephemeris‘ is a 44 page full colour graphic novel available in four editions: The Graphic Novel, individually signed and numbered, the Graphic Novel & PDF Edition which includes graphic novel, individually signed and numbered plus a download code for pdfs of both the novel and 24 pages of documentation telling not only of the original invasion at the end of the nineteenth century but the consequences of their experimentation on man and inevitably of the return of the creatures from Mars, and the Deluxe Edition containing the Graphic novel, individually signed and numbered, pdf download and a physical copy of the 24 page document and Martian Autopsy report. The PDF Edition

A new stranger menace, swifter and more powerful and immune to the tiny creatures that destroyed then.

Was mankind ready?

This perfect binding comic book features exceptional artwork, each panel lush and colourful and sourced from original A3 artwork.

The Martian Ephemeris begins with the familiar story of the original invasion and the catastrophic conflict that ensues.

But Martian vs. Man (and microbes) does not result in a total knockout in Shaw’s visually stunning retelling: the invaders from the red planet regroup and return, intent on revenge.

A new and stranger menace, swifter and more powerful — now immune to the tiny organisms that destroyed them. Will mankind be ready?


With the original A3 artwork three years in the making, ‘War of the Worlds: The Martian Ephemeris’ is a full colour 44-page graphic novella with perfect binding (square spine) packed full of stunning illustration. In essence the book is a companion to a 24 page short story (in the form of an official 19th Century from the Department For Abnatural Research) regarding the socio-historical of ancient Mars, the first invasion and detailed descriptions of the events and conclusion of the second wave. I believe this to be the first short story in this format.


Whether H.G. Wells’ masterpiece is alien to you or you have a black belt in Martian Arts, this is a beautiful little book of sci-fi art you’ll not want to put down.

What’s been said by Kickstarters themselves

“Stunning works, glorious colour and detail, can’t wait for part two!”

“A work of brilliance, very different from Wells classic yet delivers it with newfound detail and in greater depth plus more”

The accompanying text is amazing and rings with authenticity it is obvious a huge amount of research, time and patience went into this amazing creation”


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